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Has a passion for integrative care and as a certified veterinary acupuncturist she is highly qualified to help your pet back to wellness & vitality. She enjoys assisting your animals and your family with gentle acupuncture and herbal medicine to assist in the quality of your life and enhance your animal?s health.

She is dedicated to natural health services and education for your animals.

Dr. Gretchen?s areas of expertise are:

  1. Animal acupuncture: Restoring the body to optimal health with the use of this ancient, non-invasive form of medicine. Respected by doctors internationally, acupuncture is approved by the World Health Organization as a scientifically proven modality used to treat pain, injury and illness safely and effectively.

Dr. Gretchen can also use ?needle less acupuncture? for sensitive animals by applying light, moxabustion or electrostimulator to key acupuncture points.

  1. Animal herbal medicine: Gretchen is certified in Chinese herbal medicine and can identify key remedies to restore your animal?s health and wellness.
  2. Animal Food Sensitivity Testing: All of our doctors are able to help you with your animal?s sensitivity to 24 food items through saliva immunoglobulin testing. Ask us about testing your animals today to get your animal?s diet right and take the mystery out of food sensitivities!
  3. Light Therapy: This technology originally developed for NASA is FDA approved for Musculoskeletal pain and anti-aging applications. It speeds healing and reduces inflammation speeding recovery from sports injuries and trauma.